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"Camera CommandI is one of the best works I've seen, not only for our profession, but in the larger world of instructional media as well. It encompasses what could be covered in a college course and is well-suited for use by high schools and colleges, as well as videographers, photographers, and filmmakers...Considering, various genres of film and video, humor is the most difficult to pull off - and that is exactly what the makers of Camera Command have done. Of all the superlatives I could give here, it is the humorous element that will keep videogrphers at all levels focused on this video...You won't nod off on this one!"                                     - Mark Goldberg, WEV Magazine                                       

Reprinted with permission.c.2003 Wedding & Event Videography Magazine
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"Would I recommend this product to a teacher that is trying to be effective in the classroom? Without hesitation I would say YES! This is one of the best teaching tools for video that I have ever seen.
        - Mike Downey, MediaEducators.Com

"Incredibly Brilliant! Camera Command is not only extremely informative, but hits at the core of solid teaching through entertaining perspectives. This is truly one DVD that anyone with an interest in video production must have!"
                                         - Lance Gray, PixelPops Design

"Camera Command is the best educational video I have ever watched. The humor and information that it provides is top notch. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their camera work."
                                          - Dan Bitcon, Bitcon Productions

"Camera Command explained the things I thought I understood. I wish I had this tool years ago. Finally, I have a clear-cut understanding of the fundamentals. If you use a video camera you need to watch this DVD!
                                     - Robert Allen Ehrlich, Videojournalist

"CAMERA COMMAND is the best "How To" I've ever seen! It's great for anyone who hates reading operating manuals. It's fun, easy to watch and interesting for both beginning and experienced videographers."
- Ed Swetz, President of Tri-State Professional Videographers Assoc.

“…and I do feel that the DVD is a “must” for any videographer – from rank beginner to seasoned professional. Dan Strickler, Whitney Rydbeck and Dave Hall take you on an amazing journey about cameras that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”
       -Eric Cosh of Cosh's Camera Corner,  WEV Magazine

"From novice to expert, Camera Command will provide the viewer with a wealth of information without even knowing that valuable education is taking place... It is entertaining, amusing, and exceptionally informative."
                                          - Bonnie Durkin, D-Vision Video

"I highly recommend Camera Command to anyone who has a video camera! From the novice, who will learn important lens and camera techniques, to seasoned pros that needs to brush up in a fun and fast paced way, this DVD has something for everyone. You will literally learn to make your camera sing! Make sure everyone who shoots for you sees it too."
      - Al Ritondo, President of New York Professional Videographer

“Many textbooks are dry and filled with raw data. I believe one exceptional feature in Camera Command, Harnessing the Potential of Your Video Camera is that the authors have enabled the learning process to be high quality and enjoyable. There are many areas of advise to ensure that the student doesn’t fall into traps in this area of rapidly changing technology."
-Gerald Finn, Professor, Pasadena City College, Film/Television          

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